Lori Miniard, Safety Coordinator


With nearly 25 years in the agriculture business, Lori Miniard has seen it all and done it all. 


Her ag experience includes accounting, dispatching, fertilizer, custom application, commodities and management.


Currently, she serves as the safety coordinator at GAPS, a position she began in spring 2014.


“I really appreciate that Rob and IV put their employees and their customers first,” Miniard said.  “They are very engaged in the safety program and complying with all the laws and regulations.”


Lori also works in the office at Chaffin Farms in Ithaca, a position she has held since 2012.


“It has been interesting to see how the industry has grown and all the advancements in technology these last several years,” she said.


Lori and her husband, Kevin, reside in Perrinton.  They have two daughters, Logan and Hailey.   Lori enjoys spending time with family and friends, working with horses and getting away to the cabin.